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YW mutual night activity

This activity is just for the Laurels. We had it set up like a wedding reception. We had a small wedding cake, wedding pictures of the leaders and a wedding vedio playing. We started the night by having one of the advisers speak for 10 min. on preparing to go to the temple then we had all the girls make a list of the qualities the want in thier future husband. Then we had another leader speak for 10 min on the blessings of a temple marriage. The we had the girl plan out their future wedding. The created thire future wedding dress on paper, they described what the day would be like (place, colors, time of year etc..) We did diffrent activities that helped them get excited for a temple marriage. At the end of the night we gave them a hand out with some things to help them prepare to go to the temple. We also gave them a white handkercheif that they can take to the temple with them.

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