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Survivor Challenge

Invite the youth to sit on the chairs and in front of the chairs (campfire style). Explain that they are now a part of a reality show called the Survivor Challenge. Explain that they will be taken to remote parts of the church to participate in both physical and spiritual challenges. Explain that it will be difficult but that you know that they can do it and that nobody will be voted off of this show because each one is special, regardless of mortal abilities. Hand out paper and pencils and have each person write their name on the papers, put them into a bowl or hat. Explain that you are going to draw names to divide into the two teams, Team Moroni, and Team Helaman. When their name is drawn, have them come up, take a card stock torch and light their flame by putting a piece of the cellophane into the tube. After each youth is chosen and their torch is lit and set up under their team sign, move to the room set up with the activities. We did three activities: The articles of faith challenge, the tower of the Old Testament challenge, and the rope challenge. I’m sure someone else could get real creative with these activities. As weather permits, it would be fun to do the activities outdoors, also. It was winter, so we stuck to indoors. Anyway, for the articles of faith challenge, each team picks a member that they think may be able to balance the longest. Each team is trying to make the balancer a grass skirt with strips of the articles of faith (printed and cut individually into strips)that are paper clipped to a ribbon that is tied around their waist. They must earn each of the 13 articles of faith by reciting each one individually to a leader, which will gain them the strip with that article of faith on it. Meanwhile the balancer must stand on a small chair or stool on on leg while this is being done. Ther first team to receive a full skirt (all 13 articles of faith)wins. For the tower of the Old testament, each team is to build a tower out of popsicle sticks and double sided tape. The names of all 39 books in the Old Testament are printed on individual popsicle sticks for each team. They each have a station where they will assemble the sticks in order onto the tape (we put the tape up on a chalkboard doulble sided so that the tower would be vertical). Each team earned sticks by tossing a beanbag into a target on the floor (again made with masking tape). A bullseye earns 3 sticks, middle ring 2, outer ring 1. They actually ended up using the bible for help on this because it was hard putting them in order. The first team done won. For the rope challenge, each team was lined up and given a 50 ft. piece of rope. They were to pass the rope from the front back, each person wrapping it around a body part as before they passed it. They continue to pass it and tangle in until it is gone. Then, a fun gospel maze puzzle and a pencil were put in front of the front person one each team. The object is to see who can untangle their entire team and complete the puzzle first.
After the activities are done, we met back into the main room for a conclusion. We talked about the importance of scripture study and commited to a final challenge to continue to read the scriptures daily. Explain that this is how they are to keep their daily torches lit. The light and knowledge that the scriptures bring into our lives is immeasurable. After a closing prayer, we enjoyed a tropical fruit salad. Each youth gets to take home their torch.

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