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Mormon Jeopardy

Our Mia Maids put on this combined activity.

Boys against Girls. First girls then boys pick catagory and decide on how much they will wager.

The answers are all out of The Strength For Youth maunal,and the leader told everyone in advance to read it that the questions would be from the manual.
They were not told in advance what the cataorys are and have to figure it out for themselves as the game goes on. Example Red would be Education, Yellow would be Faith, Green would be Gratitude,etc.

If the Boys ring the bell first, they get to pick a colored catagory and amount.Such as green 500 They are asked the question, and the correct answer gives them the points,that the score keeper keeps track of. Incorrect answers are then given to the girls side to see if they can answer the question, if they get it wrong it goes back to the boys side until the correct answer is given. They can not yell out the answer or get help from thier side. If there is a question on who rings the bell first, the judge decides. It was fun and our youth enjoyed it. It took about 45 minutes to and hour to complete, afterwards we had juice and cookies.

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