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Native American Themed Girls’ Camp

A couple of years ago for girl’s camp my husband did a campfire with the Native American theme and the 7 value colors. Basically he told the story of the young braves a (young women) who were sent from the tribe to bring back the qualities of an Indian princess. Each young woman brought back her value (colored water in a jar) and he brought in how each of the colors is found in nature….and how they represent a value. Each value was then poured into a pot on the campfire. (Actually there was a pot inside the campfire pot with dry ice and as each value was poured it was extremely effective. After all the values were added he reached into the pot (into the outer pot where no water or dry ice) and pulled out a representative of the ideal young Indian maiden. We had taken and painted a 2 x 3′ flag of the value torch. And that is what he pulled out.

There was another part of the campfire that was incredible involving him making a sand painting using the 7 value colors and then destroying the sand painting (tradition). Under the sand painting was a mosaic of the YW value torch in the 7 colors and each young woman was able to have a small stone of each value color for her medicine bag. All in all it was a TON of work ahead of time but well worth it. All the youth and leaders are still talking about that campfire. I hope this makes some sense…if you have
tremendous imagination maybe you can get the drift of what I’m trying to describe.

By the way, each girl was given a small medicine bag at the beginning of camp. Each workshop, devotional, etc. they were given a small item to be placed in the medicine bag. This is a really wonderful theme for camp and you can do a lot with it. Good luck for an exciting and memorable girl’s camp.

NATURE’S BEAUTY THEME: – Two years ago, our camp theme was about
natures beauty. so on the last day of camp (our camp is 6 days long) Our
leaders woke us up before sunrise and told us they had a surprise for us.
They also told us we weren’t allowed to talk…. AT ALL. We have camp near a
ski slope, so they packed us into a bunch of cars and drove us to one of the
ski slopes. We brought blankets with us because it was cold and when we got
out of the car, the leaders handed us a bagged breakfast, and told us to
find our own, separate spot on the ski slope. Then our camp director talked
to us about natures beauty and her testimony of how thankful she was for all of her blessings. Then she told us that she wanted us to watch the sun rise and pray…. or think…. about everything Heavenly Father has done for us. After the sun was mostly up, she turned on our camp song (It was a very spiritual song) and then we went back to camp. I will always remember this because it was so spiritual and if any other leaders have a chance to do this, your girls will really enjoy it.

From a posts made at the lds-youngwomenfiles Yahoo Group

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