A Christmas with Joseph Smith

4 rooms were set up. Decorated like an old fashion Christmas. In the different rooms you could have activities set up, such as the children making cinnamon knots, oranges decorated with cloves,decorating cookies, pioneer games and a room for wrapping a toy. In the last room you would have a set made with an old brick fireplace, a real Christmas tree, Wingback chair and perhaps an old antique desk with scriptures on it. Have someone dress up like Joseph Smith.

Have the children bring an unwrapped gift with them to the church. When the children arrive, split them up into groups and have them go to the different stations. Let them stay at the station for 20 min. When they come to the room for wrapping, let them wrap the gift they brought in brown paper and raffia.

Have all the children gather for the last half hour in the main room which is decorated like Josephs living room. Have Joseph pull open the scriptures and share the story of Jesus’ birth. Hang star ordaments on the tree. When Joseph tells the story about how the wisemen followed the star. Give each child take a star off the tree so they can remember to be wisemen and follow Christ’s light.

The activity is ended with a hay ride around the community.

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