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Gospel Feud WITH Survey Results


Separate into two teams. Two players, one from each team, face off to answer a question (example: “Name the hour that you get up on Sunday mornings”) to earn the right to control the board. The player who comes up with the most popular answer on the survey has the right to play or pass.

The team playing the board is allowed three wrong answers (strikes). 45 seconds of discussion among teammates is allowed, and after that, each player gives an answer in turn. Points are awarded based on the number of people who responded to the survey questions the players guessed correctly. If the team playing gets all the survey answers, they win all 100 points in that round and both teams send the next team member to face-off again.

If the team playing fails to come up with all the answers, the opposing team can steal the points by coming up with one more unrevealed answer to the survey.

The first team to score three hundred points wins the game!

Family Feud Survey Results (1)

Up to the top EIGHT answers were recorded. Any answer receiving only 1 vote was not recorded. 100 people surveyed.

Name a temple within the state of Utah
Salt Lake (35)t
Manti (18)t
Timpanogos (12)t
Saint George (8)
Bountiful (7)t
Provo (7)t
Jordan River (6)t
Logan (6)

Name something you do when you get home from church
Eat (48)t
Take a Nap (31)t
Change Clothes (18)t

Name a popular Church hymn
Spirit of God (16)t
Come, Come Ye Saints (15)t
I Stand All Amazed (7)t
We Thank Thee…Prophet (7)
I Believe in Christ (6)t
How Great Thou Art (6)t
How Firm a Foundation (5)t
Called To Serve (5)

Name a Book of Mormon Character
Nephi (46)t
Moroni (20)t
Alma (11)t
Ammon (5)
Helaman (3)t
Lehi (3)t
Mormon (3)t

Name a Book of Mormon king
Benjamin (45)t
Noah (25)
Lamoni (13)t
Mosiah (10)
Limhi (4)t
Laban (2)tt

Name something Lehi took into the wilderness
Wife/Family (43)t
Tent (37)t
Liahona (8)t
Brass Plates (5)

Name something specific Noah took on the ark
Wife/Children (37)t
Dove (15)t
2 of Every Animal (13)t
Elephants (7)
Food (6)t
Seeds (4)t
Animal Food (3)t

Name a refreshment served at youth firesides
Cookies (55)t
Brownies (21)t
Punch/Lemonade (9)t
Ice Cream/Bars (4)
Root Beer Floats (4)t
Donuts (2)t
Green Jello (2)t

Name something that is against the Word of Wisdom
Tobacco/Smoking (43)t
Tea/Coffee (20)t
Alcohol (26)t
Overeating (6)
Drugs (4)ttt

Name something that small children do during Sacrament Meeting
Color/Draw (42)t
Cry/Scream (16)t
Eat (15)t
Talk/make noise (10)
Look at Books (3)t
Sleep (3)t
Pick their noses (3)t

Name a popular food storage item
Wheat (56)t
Flour (5)t
Potato Pearls (5)t
Powdered Milk (5)
Rice (4)t
Water (4)t
Oats (3)t

Name a popular Primary song
Child of God (44)t
Popcorn Popping (16)t
Sunbeam (9)t
Give Said…Stream (5)
Follow the Prophet (4)t
Book of Mormon Stories (4)t
I Love to See the Temple (4)t

Name a talent displayed during Sacrament Meeting
Singing (47)t
Play Piano (18)t
Speaking (16)t
Play other instrument (8)
Play organ (4)t
Sleep while sitting up (4)tt

Name a main dish you eat for Sunday dinner
Roast (59)t
Chicken (14)t
Breakfast foods (7)t
Ham (3)
Spaghetti (3)ttt

Name a miracle performed by Jesus Christ
Healed sick/lepers (30)t
Changed water to wine (23)t
Healed the blind (16)t
Raised dead/Lazarus (14)
Walked on water (8)
Multiplied fishes and loaves (7)tt

Name an event in your life that family/friends might travel long distances to attend
Wedding (56)t
Baptism (16)t
Family Reunion (11)t
Missionary farewell/homecoming (4)
Baby Blessing (4)t
Funeral (4)tt

Name a way people learn about the Gospel
Missionary tract (56)t
Example of friends/neighbors (19)t
Members invite to church (14)t
TV Commercials (3)

Name something you do before going to bed each night
Pray (44)t
Brush Teeth (34)t
Read (4)t
Read Scriptures (4)
Go to the bathroom (3)ttt

Name a sport that uses a ball
Basketball (41)t
Baseball (15)t
Football (12)t
Volleyball (11)
Soccer (10)t
Golf (3)t
Racquetball (2)t

Name an animated Disney movie
Lion King (18)t
Cinderella (9)t
Beauty & Beast (9)t
Aladdin (7)
Finding Nemo (7)t
Mulan (7)t
Little Mermaid (6)t
Snow White (6)
Sleeping Beauty (5)
Bambi (4)tt

Name a Looney Tunes Character
Bugs Bunny (61)t
Daffy Duck (12)t
Tazmanian Devil (9)tPorky Pig (4)
Road Runner (4)ttt

Name a fruit you eat for breakfast
Banana (49)t
Grapefruit (17)t
Apple (8)t
Orange (7)
Strawberries (6)t
Cantaloupe (5)t
Peach (4)t

Name a topping for pizza
Pepperoni (43)t
Cheese (22)t
Sausage (9)t
Mushrooms (7)
Ham/Canadian Bacon (9)t
Pineapple (6)t
Olives (2)t

Name a subject taught in high school
Math (36)t
English (26)t
History (14)t
Chemistry (4)
Spanish (4)t
Biology (3)tt

Name a popular breakfast cereal
Cheerios (30)t
Lucky Charms (12)t
Captain Crunch (7)t
Corn Flakes (5)
Cocoa Puffs (5)t
Wheaties (5)t
Life (4)t
Raisin Bran (4)

Name an appliance most families have at least ONE of
Refrigerator (36)t
Toaster (20)t
Microwave (16)t
TV (12)
Stove/Oven (4)t
Mixer (4)t
Washer/Dryer (3)t
Can Opener (2)

Name a vegetable planted in a garden
Tomatoes (40)t
Carrots (18)t
Corn (9)t
Beans (8)
Cucumbers (6)t
Squash (6)t
Lettuce (5)t
Peppers (2)

Name a type of cookie
Chocolate Chip (65)t
Peanut Butter (15)t
Oreo (3)t
White Chocolate/Macadamia (2)tt

Name something important to have when you go camping
Tent (30)t
Flashlight (20)t
Toilet Paper (13)t
Sleeping bags (9)
Matches (7)t
Food/Water (9)t
Bug Spray (3)t

Name a kind of toothpaste
Crest (58)t
Colgate (28)t
Aquafresh (9)t
AIM (2)

Mormon Family Fued Survey Results (2)

LDS Family Feud (50 people surveyed)

1.tName one of the Standard Works .
The Book of Mormon 31
The Holy Bible (OT/NT) 10
The Doctrine and Covenants 7
Pearl of Great Price 2

2. Name an Old Testament prophet
Moses 24
Noah 8
Isaiah 7
Adam 4

3.t Name a woman mentioned in scripture
Ruth 14
Mary, mother of Jesus 8
Eve 5
Abish 4
Sariah 3

4.tName an animal referred to in scripture
Ass/Donkey 14
Sheep/Lamb 13
Serpent/Snake 5
Camel 4
Lion 3

5. Name one of the original 12 apostles
Peter 25
John 13
Matthew 5

6t Name a specific New Testament miracle
performed by the Savior.
Turning water to wine 15
Raising of Lazarus 14
Loaves and Fishes 9
Cleansing the Lepers 3

7.tA slang word or phrase commonly used by specifically LDS people
“Oh my heck!” 26
“Flip!” 9
“Fetch!” 7

8.tA modern city where a Temple has been built
Salt Lake City 15
Washington DC 8
New York City 6
Nauvoo 5

9.tName one of the books of the Old Testament
Genesis 32
Isaiah 6
Exodus 4

10.tName a popular Hymn from the LDS hymnbook
We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet 9
The Spirit of God 8
Come, Come Ye Saints 5
Choose The Right 3

11.tName an office of the Aaronic or
Melchizedek priesthood
Elder 16
Deacon 17
Teacher 8
Priest 6

12. Name one of the currently serving 12 apostles
Dallin H. Oaks 19
Boyd K. Packer 7
“Elder” Bednar 6
L. Tom Perry 5

13. Name a prophet from the Book of Mormon
Nephi 25
Alma 13
Lehi 4

14. Name of popular Primary Children’s song
“I Am A Child of God” 24
“Book Of Mormon Stories” 7
“Popcorn Popping” 6

15. Name a city mentioned in the Bible
Jerusalem 23
Sodom 8
Bethlehem 7
Ninevah 3

16. Name a latter-day prophet.
Gordon B. Hinckley 25
Joseph Smith 11
Brigham Young 6
John Taylor 3

17. Name one of the books of the New Testament
Matthew 28
Acts 5
Revelations 4
Luke 3

18. A phrase that’s repeated IN the scriptures over
and over again.
“And it came to pass…” 27
“Woe be unto you…” 6
“Now behold…” 4
“Amen” 3

19.tName one of the books of the Book of
Alma 20
1 Nephi 9
Moroni 8
Mosiah 5
Mormon 4

20. Name a world famous Church member
Steve Young 18
Gladys Knight 17
Donny Osmond 8

21. Name one of President Hinckley’s 6 “B’s”
Be Smart 16
Be Grateful 8
Be Clean 7
Be Humble 5

I got both LDS survey results from the lds-youngwomen Yahoo Group

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