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Modest are the Hottest

We got brown lunch bags and decorated them with the words, “My Modesty Bage.” We punced two holes at the top and tied ribbon on it. Inside we had a t-shirt with on the front it said MTC- then below it, it read Mormon T-shirt Company (this was located in the right hand corner). We also put candy, and all kinds of yw bookmarks, stickers and quotes pertaining to modesty. We had our stake yw presidency come and talk about the importance of modesty. We as a presidency also went around at a fireside and video taped about 10 different ym and their views on modesty. This meant a lot more to the yw and it got their attention about the importance of modesty. They loved the t-shirts and wear them often. They even went and put them on as soon as we gave them to them. We used the color Red for the word hottest and Blue for the other words on the t-shirt. We didn’t let the yw know that we were showing them the video of the ym and their views on modesty they thought we were just having a mutual activity with speakers on being modest in our dress. They had a blast.

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