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D.I.P party

D.I.P stands for Divine Inspiration through Prayer.

We started the evening by welcoming everyone and thanking them for their participation. We then invited our Branch President, who was acting MC, to give a brief message on the importance of prayer. Then he began to recount several times in Church History where individuals were inspired to make changes or to make choices because of prayer. (example: Joseph Smith in the grove, any modern day revelation..we chose “Every Worthy Male” a priesthood holder.)
As he spoke of these things in detail we had vingettes going on to the side of him re-inacting these events. The children enjoy this!!
To close, we invited anyone who had an experience to share concerning prayer to do so. We had a lot of fun!!!

**For refreshments EVERYONE brought their FAVORITE dip and dipping item of choice!! It was so fun to see what everyone brought!!

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