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Outdoor Cooking Progressive Dinner

Outdoor Cooking Progressive Dinner

Priesthood Purposes
Develop talents by learning and demonstrating outdoor cooking skills.

Strengthen families by inviting family members to participate in this activity.

Activate young men of quorum age by involving them in the activity and giving them specific assignments.

Young Women Areas of Focus
Recreation and the world of nature-
by learning camping skills.

Homemaking arts-
by practicing outdoor cooking.

Personal and social refinement-
by developing proper relationships with others.

People who can help
Camping specialists

Things needed
Cooking equipmentFood
Wood and matches
Four different camping sites within a few minutes walking
distance of each other.

How to Do It
1. Organize the youth into four teams, one team for each campsite.

2. Assign a course of the meal to each team.
a. Appetizer.
b. Salad or soup.
c. Main course.
d. Dessert.

3. Each team prepares the assigned course.

4. As a group, visit each campsite and enjoy the food.

Reynolds Kichen’s alumininum foil (packet) dinners – tons of yummy recipes

Scoutorama’s list of Dutch Oven and Camping recipes – includes Breakfast In A Paper Bag

The Mac Scouter has a list of several recipes, including jerky making and chili

From “The Activity Book”, Camping, pp 157-171. available from Church Distribution for $6.00.

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