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How to Plan a Campfire Award Presentation Program

Campfire Award Presentation Program

Priesthood Purposes
Develop talents by recognizing individuals who have excelled and giving them a chance to express themselves.
Strengthen families by inviting parents to attend and involving them in presenting the awards.

Young Women Areas of Focus
Recreation and the world of nature-
by enjoying recreational activities.

Personal and social refinement-
by developing proper relationships with others.

Service and compassion-
by involving nonmembers or inactive youth in this activity.

People who can help

Things needed
Comments about the persons receiving the awards
Someone to present the awards
Wood and matches

How to do it
Awards may be given for many different individual or group achievements in learning and demonstrating skills during the campout. A campfire awards presentation is also good for awards earned in areas other than camping.

1. Make an assignment to have awards made or purchased. Often the most meaningful awards are those that are made by the quorum or class members or the leaders.

2. Open with a hymn and a prayer.

3. Have a campfire lighting ceremony.

4. Have 10-15 minutes of enjoyable singing.

5. Present the awards. Save the most important awards until last.

6. Spotlight those receiving awards by having them stand on a raised platform.

From “The Activity Book”, Camping, pp 157-171. available from Church Distribution for $6.00.

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