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Duct Tape Fashions

Directions: Work on a large flat surface. Begin by making “panels.” Cut six strips of duct tape, each measuring 12 inches long. Lay one strip horizontally sticky side up. Lay another alongside it, with 1/2 inch overlapping. Attach the remaining four strips in the same fashion. Cut six more strips and lay them sticky side down on top of and perpendicular to the first six strips. Repeat the process two more times so that you have a total of three panels. Cut two 4-inch-wide strips from the third panel; these will be the sides of your purse. Cover the cardboard with tape. Neatly connect all the pieces from the inside and outside of the bag with tape. Use the remaining pieces from the third panel to make the handles. Make a separate panel and attach as a pocket for the front of the purse. Add colored tape trim to decorate.

TIPS AND VARIATIONS: For a more colorful bag, before adding the pocket, carefully add rows of colored tape over the bag. Make other items to match, such as a wallet, bracelet or hat.

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