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Little Girls’ Night – Get to Know You Activity

We had a really fun activity that the girls loved. We called it “Little Girls Night.” The girls all brought a baby picture, a favorite doll or stuffed animal, and a favorite storybook from her childhood. We guessed who was who from our baby pictures, then oohed and ahhd over them. Then we shared memories from our childhoods, about our dolls or animals. Then each girl read her story to the others…they were so cute, they read with such animation in their voices! As they listened to and read stories, we ate animal cookies and drank milk. Our value focus that month was integrity and we talked about how little children are so loving and forgiving and stand up for what they believe. We read the scripture about becoming as a little child and I challenged them to not be childish but childlike. Then we went outside and played tag. The girls just had such a fun time being “little” again, they giggled the whole evening.

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