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Developing Talents

Activity ideas from Young Women’s Manual 2, Lesson 44, Developing Talents:

1. Plan and organize some workshops. With the approval of your priesthood leader, invite specialists to conduct workshops in areas in which class members wish to expand their knowledge or explore a new skill or trait. You can do this as a class, as small groups, or as individuals.

2. Plan a field trip to hear experts, or visit a library to obtain information about an area of interest.

3. Plan a class activity to learn a specific skill–quilting, sewing, cooking, or a craft. After the learning activity, the product could be shared with someone in the ward (a widow, parents with a new baby), thus emphasizing the importance of using our gifts to bless others.

4. Prepare and present a talent show of musical, artistic, or dramatic activities to shut-ins, people at a rest home, or children in a hospital.

YW Knowledge Value Experience #2: In your journal list talents you have and others you would like to develop. Read Matthew 25:14–30. Learn a new skill or talent that will help you care for your own future family or home (for example, playing the piano, singing, budgeting, time management, cooking, sewing, or child care). Share with your family, class, or Young Women leader what you have learned.

Discovering and Developing Your Talents

By Marissa D. Thompson and Janna Nielsen, Liahona, May 1999, p. 40

Have you ever given someone a gift that they don’t care about or won’t use? Have you ever wondered if that is how the Lord feels when we ignore the talents He has given us?

The parable of the talents recorded in the New Testament teaches us that the Lord expects us to discover, develop, and use our talents (see Matt. 25:14-29). If we neglect the gifts He has given us, our original gifts will be taken away. However, if we develop the talents we’ve been given, the Lord will bless us with more.

It is never too late to discover what talents you have and develop them. Here are some ideas to help you:

Seek Sources of Help and Inspiration to Identify Your Natural Talents

• Read your patriarchal blessing to see what natural gifts are mentioned there.

• Look to your family history to see what talents your ancestors had. This search could give you clues to what natural abilities you have, since some talents are inherited.

Spend Time Perfecting a Talent or Skill You Already Have

• Teach your brothers and sisters a song to perform during family home evening.

• Spend time drawing and coloring with your brothers and sisters or neighborhood children.

• Volunteer to referee or coach for community or Church sports teams.

• Write a poem, article, or short story.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

• Choose a project in the Young Women, Young Men, or Scouting programs that is different from the projects or value experience you usually choose.

• Borrow a cookbook from the library or a friend and prepare a meal for your family.

• Take a class–try public speaking, drama, cooking, flower arranging, car maintenance, swimming, or diving.

• Join or organize a community sports team.

• Try out for a community or school choir or theater production.

Study and Live by the Principles Taught in the Scriptures

• Read about the qualities the Savior possessed, such as charity, selflessness, and forgiveness. Since we all have the ability to eventually become like Him, we should work diligently on developing Christlike attributes.

• Pray that the Lord will help turn your weaknesses into strengths, as He promised in Ether 12:27.

• Don’t underestimate the talents of being an honest, good, and kind person.

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