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Guest Speakers

Here are some ideas for guest speakers:

Invite someone from your local FBI field office to come speak about how to protect yourself online.

Invite your stake patriarch to come speak about preparing to receive patriarchal blessings.

Invite someone from a local school or university to come speak on any topic of interest: art, astronomy, geology, art, local history, etc.

Invite members of the community or church unit to come speak about their careers–like what kinds of things they do at their jobs and what kinds of schooling they require.

Invite someone from a local hospital to speak on CPR or other health and hygiene needs in your area.

Invite someone from your Attorney General’s office to come speak on Internet Crimes Against Children.

Invite a member of your local fire department to discuss ways to protect your home from fire, and what to do if your home catches fire.

Invite a member of the police department to speak about drug and alcohol abuse, skateboard safety, kidnapping, or bicycle safety.

Invite your mayor or city council member to come speak about how your local government works.

Invite a member of your Stake to come do leadership training.

Invite the ward mission leader and missionaries to come teach your youth how they can be member missionaries.

Invite a veteran from your church unit or community to speak on experiences defending your country.

Invite members who have recently attended the temple to share their experiences.

Invite missionaries who have recently returned to come share testimony building experiences.

Invite your local Red Cross to come speak to your group “Host a speaker during a career day, brown bag lunch, monthly meeting, or special event. Red Cross speakers have directly delivered and/or have been impacted by Red Cross services. They can speak about disaster relief and preparedness, health and safety, volunteerism, services to the military, Blanket Days for the Homeless, and Red Cross history. We even have speakers who can talk about how the Red Cross and your group can work together. Speakers deliver personal, touching stories in an interactive presentation.”

Invite your unit’s emergency preparedness leader to come speak about what to do in an emergency.

Invite your church librarian to speak about the resources available in your unit library for Family Home Evening and other lessons.

Invite your stake webmaster to come speak about the resources available on the Church’s website and how to use them.

Invite someone from LDS Social Services to speak on topics related to your group: adoption, child abuse, mental health services, etc.

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