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Book of Mormon Movie Making Mutual Activity

This activity idea was submitted by Kathy Larkin:

For the first week activity:
Using the video cameras and costumes, separate into groups and plan, write a skit, and make a movie about a Book of Mormon story (this could even take two class activities, one to write the skits and plan for costumes and props, and the next to assemble materials, practice, and record the movie). Teams can be made up of individual classes or quorums, teams of the same age young men and young women, or each individual class or quorum.

Limit the movies to a few minutes duration (probably 10 minutes or less) so that you can view them all and they will fit in the normal 1 1/2 hour mutual time.

For the second week combined activity:
Watch the movies and hold an awards ceremony (best actor, best movie, best supporting actress etc.). Invite a few youth (Kathy used 2 young men and 1 young women) to speak for a few minutes on how the scriptures, and more importantly the Book of Mormon, impacted their lives.

Kathy says: “It was such a fun night, and we plan to do it every year.”

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