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Time capsule activity idea


We have a really fun Laurel activity planned for this upcoming week that I thought I would share! The girls wanted to create time capsules that they could use to capture their senior year. We decided to do a slight spin on the time capsules, by using these cute sandwich bags I found at Target (I found them in the dollar section and they were 3 for a dollar).I created some cute cards that the girls could fill out to capture all the things they loved, things the hoped for in the future, qualities they wanted to develop, etc.They will be able to put the cards in the bags when they are finished (which closes with Velcro)The idea is that they will open up these “capsules” in 5 years and look back at how far they progressed. We are really excited for the activity and think it’s going to be a big hit! (I think it would it would even be a hit in organizations like achievement days!) You can download the prints I made for the activity and view what the time cpasules looked like here:

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