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Iron Rod Activity

We used this at Girls camp and it was effective. Can be modified for YW/YM together.

Build an Iron Rod pathway with rope and stakes or whatever you can tie the rope off with. They are blind folded and given instructions not to let go of the rope until someone says to them at the end- Well done, though good and faithful servant. Along the way they encounter temptations and trials and if they let go they are taken to a repentance area to work out their repentance ( it is an small obstacle course that they must do with a brink in their hand- if they make it through following instructions from the Bishop they hand their brick over to the Bishop and are taken back to the spot where they dropped of the rod- if they drop the brick they start over and have to do it with two bricks)

Only youth leaders were allowed to be the tempters, young women adult leaders were there to help with the trials and give reverent encouragement along the way. Angel helpers were there to take the girls back and forth from the repentance areas and rod. At the end they were given a Popsicle and waited for everyone to get through- it was all done with quiet tones and reverence.

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