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Primary Quarterly Activity: Christmas Service Project for Missionaries

This quarterly Primary activity was a fun service project for the missionaries serving from that ward. All children ages 3 and up were able to participate and support missionaries.

To start the quarterly primary activity, all of the kids met in the gym where they were told a little bit about the missionaries serving from the area. Using a large world map, the Primary president marked the locations where each was serving. They also got to see a large poster with pictures of the missionaries.

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The Primary was separated into groups: Sunbeams, CTRs, Senior Boys (Cub Scouts), and Senior Girls (Activity Days). Each group had a variety of projects to make:

– homemade Christmas Ornaments (colored wooden ornaments with markers)

– made Easy Rollo Pretzel Turtles (recipes and pictures here, at’s How to make Eazy Pretzel Turtles, and here, at RecipeZaar Those Pretzel Things)
– also colored wooden ornaments

Senior Girls
– painted picture frames with Junior and Senior Primary in them; frames were attached to each other using a wide piece of ribbon hot glued to the frame
– bagged the turtle treats in little bags

Senior Boys
– wrapped gifts of Andes mints
– wrote a poem about Serving the Lord for each missionary

In addition to the craft items and treats, each missionary also received a pair of socks, a miniature Christmas tree, a stocking, and a CD audio recording of the Primary Presentation.

All of these items were shipped in a Medium size Flat Rate Priority Mail box to make shipping cheaper and easier. These sturdy boxes are available free from the Post Office, and you can ship as much stuff as will fit in the box, regardless of weight, and they can be shipped in the US or internationally.


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