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Make Your Own Mormonad

Gather your group together and determine how many small groups to form. Each group should have at least one camera. Digital cameras make this activity more affordable as you can take as many pictures as you want and then print only those that you will use. Go to your location and everyone goes where they want, with adult supervision. We allowed about 60 minutes for them to explore the area and take pictures of signs, things alone or incorporating the people in the group. Always be aware of your safety! (crossing streets, climbing on things, etc.)

We went to downtown SLC. Some of the pictures we took were
– YW in the gardens around Temple Square
– Bloom Where You’re Planted, YW behind the Joseph Smith statue
Follow the Prophet/Follow the Leader, temple spires
– ASPIRE to great things, YW beside a troll outside the Scandinavian Shop
– Look for Inner Beauty, revolving doors
– Don’t Get Turned Around, YW walking on rapid transit tracks (use extreme caution)
– Stay on Track, everyone’s feet w/ different shoes
– Put Your Best Foot Forward, YW doing a ballet turn
– Do a Good Turn Daily.

We took pictures at the church as well. The boys even enjoyed posing for some of the pictures. You can see that the possibilities are endless. We printed the pictures and had another activity night where we made the scrapbook pages. The girls loved thinking of captions for their pictures and making the pages. We had multiple prints so the girls were able take home some pages and we had a great scrapbook of memories.

This activity would be good for a family to focus on family history using old photographs or photos from family gatherings. ie – two children walking in the woods – “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” 3 John 1:4 You could do great things with camp pictures. You could be more specific and assign a theme for the kind of pictures you want to take; such as YW values.

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