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Keep Your Eye on the Goal

We tried this at our Singles ward family home evening. What I did was split up the group into pairs. We then told everyone that we were going to have a staring contest. All participants needed to keep a straight face at all times without laughing, giggling, ect. and you could not CLOSE your eyes or blink at anytime which made it alot more difficult and uncomfortable. Towards the end of the activity there were only two left of course. The last man standing got a $20 gift certificate to the movies, the 2nd place winner got a $15 gift certificate and the third place winner got a $5 bill. In the end, I told everyone that sometimes we give up (like the 3rd person did) because she could no longer handle the pain of her eyes being so dry. Therefore, her reward wasnt as great. However, for those two who held to the end, and endured, their reward was alot more great. Then, for those of you who didnt want to even give it a try, or who gave up easily, you get nothing…no progression, no learning, no reward. All things happen for a reason. Our trials are sometimes painful, (like your eyes were becoming)or uncomfortable, but through Jesus Christ all things are possible to overcome, because He has overcome all. The Lord gives us trials so that we can grow close to him, and our Father in Heaven, and learn and progress. The Lord is very mindful of us, so he never gives us something that’s too hard, or impossible.The Lord also makes us stronger and with each trial we are given a reward of learning something new, gaining a greater testimony and eventually recieving the greatest reward which is eternal life. All who attended this activity had a lot of fun, and said that they were going to try it in their own homes as well.

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