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Suprise for the Missionaries at Chirstmas Time!!

Schedule two mutual nights for this activity. On anytime before Chirstmas (in December) and the other close to chirstmas. The first mutual, go to the grocery store giving each class $10 or however much is in your budget. They had that $10 dollars (or however much) to buy food that the missionaries do not normally have to eat. After buying the food, if you have enough time, go back to the church and start wrapping all the presents. If you don’t finish, you have the other mutual to finish. Some ideas for foods are TicTacs, oranges, little cracker packets, hot chocolate packets, variety of candy bars, fruit snacks and many others. Try to get things that have many individually wrapped items, so you can open the package and wrap many items. Such as, the hot chocolate. Individually wrap each hot chocolate packet, or like the fruit snacks, or indivudually wrap the oranges. There are many other foods that you can buy. They don’t have to necesarily be foods. We also individually wrapped rolls of toilet paper or boxes of tissues. By indivudally wrapping the little packets of everything it will give the missionaries more to unwrap. It is very fun for the youth wrapping the presents and also for the missionaries to be completly suprised with a ton of presents!! Make sure that if you do it for more than one set of missionaries that you divide the presents up evenly. We have put the presents in a big white or clear or even black garbage bag and tied ribbons around them as well as put them in a box, but don’t tape it shut. Have the presents in something that the missionaries can easliy carry. At the end, we had cookies and treats for the missionaries to also take home. An idea for that would be, if you have a a lot of people, work in shifts. Have some making cookies and other Christmas treats and others wrapping the presents. Make sure that while wrapping that you have a sufficient amount of wrapping paper, tape and scissors. Especially wrapping paper. But when in doubt, use newspaper!
The missionaries will always remember that Christmas and will be forever grateful.
Here are some ideas for foods or other items
(some may be repeated from before)

*Life Savers
Peanut Butter
*Hot Chocolate (individual packets)
*Fruit Snacks
*Snack Size chips
*Mini boxes of cereal
Other cereals
*Candy bars or other candy
*Toilet Paper
*Tissue boxes
Air freshner (ex. Febreeze or Oust)
Pasta Sides packets
*Oranges (clementines-make sure you don’t buy them too early or they will get moldy)
*Granola bars
*Jell-o Pudding

* itmes: These are items that may come with more than one in the package. They are items that you should individaully wrap.
There are many more items/foods that would work. Be creative!!
The missionaries will love it!! The smiles on their faes truly show that they are grateful.
If you have any questions, e-mail me at: OR

Kirsten D.

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