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Camelot Night

We began the night by handing out crowns (purchased at a local party store) for each of the youth.
After opening exercises and a brief welcome we had dinner.
After dinner, we had games.
The first was “jousting” with tricycles and water noodles. (We also thought skateboards may have worked)
The second was “pumpkin chucking”. We purchased small pumpkins (several to a bag) and had a contest to see who could toss them the furthest. We were going to have them build a treboche (spelling?). But ran out of time. This made much less mess than you would imagine. Most of the pumpkins were still intact and the youth took them home to their families to decorate for Halloween.

After the games, we brought the youth back into the gym where the tables had been removed and the chairs were placed facing the Bishop who had 15 +/- minutes to speak about putting on the whole armor of God and understanding our roles as sons and daughters of a King.

Before the closing prayer we played a song off of the CES CD “Stand in the Light” (EFY 2004) called Child of Light. It was an AMAZING way to end the evening, and fit perfectly with our message.

The spirit was incredible and, while we had a lot of fun during the evening, the end result was exactly as we had hoped.

Note: There is a great book out by Rachel Nunes called “Daughter of a King” that can be found at Deseret Book. We read this to our Young Women as a follow up to this activity and they loved it.

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