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Provident Living/Emergency Preparedness

As Provident Living/Emergency Preparedness leader for out ward, it was decided that the RS ladies needed guidance as to the what, whens and whys of food storage, how to rotate it and what to do with it. We set up mini classes once a month, (we may go to every other month next year) and someone picked a subject that they wanted to know about/do.

The first one was on “Dried Apples” I pick a Sister to hold the class at her home and we both worked to get to get information on how to re-hydrate apples and recipes that they could be used in (which is almost anything you use fresh or canned apples for.

We asked a few of the other sisters to make a dish with apples, I was given a recipe for apple lasagne, which was really a great suprise. Our next class will be on how to use coupons and shop wisely along with what to do with the honey that has been sitting there for awhile. We also give the sisters the information on how to store, how long to store and about rotating the food storage. We will be having a ward leadership meeting soon to plan for next year. But so far it has been a big hit, and the Stake leadership was impressed and asked our ward if we would be willing to help some of the other wards. Of course my answer to that was YES!

There has been interest from other wards to set up CPR classes and first aid classes, as we have several EMT’s in our ward we will be getting together to set up one or two days of classes and plan it with the other wards and include anyone that is interested.

I hope this idea will help you give others some help and ideas.

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