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Pretty in Pink PJ Party

We had a 5-hour “Pretty in Pink” themed PJ party. We did not have a sleepover, but all the girls were to come at 5pm for dinner and go home by 10pm. The girls were invited to wear pink PJ’s or anything pink. My house was decked out in pink stuff everywhere, from the table cloths, balloons, plates and bowls, etc. Here is a list of all the things we did during our PJ party and how it related to the goals in our Activity book:

•tLearning and Living the Gospel: We had the 11yr-old girls write skits that the rest of the girls acted out. The girls wrote skits that were based on the Gospel Standards printed on the back of the Activity book. This helped the girls recognize situations in which their gospel standards might be challenged. We also had a game where the girls introduced themselves, eg My name is ____ and I am pretty ‘n P.I.N.K. and they had to give us acronyms for the letters P, I, N, K that described them. Some of them said “pretty,” “intelligent,” nice” and “kind” and so forth.

•tDeveloping Talents: We sang Karaoke and played with make-up, discovering some of the girls unknown singing and grooming abilities.

•tServing Others: The girls gave each other foot massages and pedicures. It was endearing to see how much fun service is to both give and receive!

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