“Let virtue garnish they thoughts unceasingly; then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God.” D&C 121:45

Each ward, if desired could select a mini theme, something to do with “high”. I.e, “Raise the Bar” and decorate with things like (fake) dumbbells. Another might want to do something with “We are Rising High” with Balloons, another ward could use eagles and “On Eagle’s Wings”, another ward might be “Highway to Heaven” with clouds, and even another ward might use kites with “Soaring Higher”. Or, you could go another direction and assign each ward a value or a standard from FSOY, and they tie that into the camp theme.

Workshop ideas:

“To Higher Heights” – Preparing now for the Temple, living Christ-centered lives

“Above the Clouds” – Keeping our thoughts clean and pure, media influences, music, etc.

“Lifting the Burden” – (FSOY Repentance) Satan wants us to believe we cannot repent

“Endure and Be Lifted Up” – Building confidence, “wax strong”

Crafts: anything to do with music, scriptures, keeping our minds virtuous. Also anything with kites, clouds, balloons, eagles, etc. would work.

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