The Mountain of the Lord Youth conference Theme

“Let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, … and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths.” Isaiah 2:3

“Which Way to the Temple?” (kick-off activity)
Split everyone into groups. Each group is given 1 dice and a roadmap to the temple. The dice is a homemade with the following written on one of the six sides: “turn left”, “turn right” “u-turn”, “go straight”, “roll again”, “you choose”. Roll dice at intersections to determine the way to the temple. Follow up with “Roadmap to Eternity” Speaker (See below).

“Roadmap to Eternity” (kick-off speaker)
We must PLAN our pathway that leads to our Eternal Salvation. We can’t just “let it happen”, or chances are, it won’t. Also, you can’t wait until you are at a crossroads to make a decision. The decision needs to be made well ahead of time so that when you get there you know just which way to turn!

Workshop Ideas: “Temple – You’ve Been Recommended” (Temple Worthiness), “Temples are for Teenagers Too” (purpose and blessings of baptisms for the dead), and “To My Eternal Companion” (prepare now to be married in the temple in the future. Write letters to future spouse.)

Service Project Idea: “Going the Extra Mile”
Select a local area in the mountains, forest, a campground, or popular hiking/biking area. Have youth clean the trails (pick up garbage, etc.), repair or replace wooden signs or markers, remove excess stones which cause a danger, pave a trail to make handicap accessible, plant flowers along the trail, etc.

“Building Temples” (activity)
Each group is given a piece of heavy cardboard or heavy-weight paper plate, and about 50 sugar cubes. Place tubes of white frosting, or have hot glue guns spread out on tables. They are to “design” their own temple. Make it a competition and have judges select winners.

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Behold, the Mountain of the Lord, 54
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