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Teddy Bear Picnic YW Camp Theme

Based on “…that every man might bear his part.” Mosiah 29:34

Each unit selects a “beary” fun name for their “den” (Bear Haven, Polar Bears, Berenstein Bear Cave, Gummi Bear Resort, etc.) The camp director is Mama Bear. Everything is “beary” nice and “beary” fun. Devotionals are “A Time to Paws”, etc. Snacks could be things with honey or teddy grahams or gummi bears. If there is a secret sister program, have items delivered by the Polar Bear Express.

Workshop Ideas: “Care Bears” (Bearing one another’s burdens), “Bear Tracks” (Heeding the warning signs), “Facing your Grizzly Bears” (Overcoming our fears and weaknesses), and “Grin and Bear it” (Enduring to the end).

Crafts: Have a “Beary Unique Boutique”, full of bear crafts.

Skits with a twist: Have each group perform a version of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, but they must incorporate a YW value in it. Perhaps assign each group a value ahead of time, so they do not duplicate. Really funny and cute!

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