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It’s a Jungle Out There (FSOY) Youth Conference Theme

“…Arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations;” D&C 115:5

Workshop Ideas: “You Can’t Pet A Rattlesnake” (Agency & Accountability), “Being Chaste, While Being Chased” (Dating, Sexual Purity, Dress & Appearance), “Standing Firm in the Stampede” (Entertainment & the Media, Music & Dancing), and “The Circle of Life” (Gratitude, Honesty, Family, Obedience)

Service Project Ideas: Contact local zoo or aviary and offer to do a volunteer project. Collect clean stuffed animals to donate to children’s hospital or shelter, or children’s justice center. Go as a group to deliver them.

For dance/dinner – decorate with fake palm trees, monkeys from vines, etc.

Related hymns:
As Zion’s Youth, 256
Choose the Right, 239
Do What is Right, 237
Keep the Commandments, 303

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