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Island Paradise YW Camp Idea

Based on “… the spirits of those who are righteous are received into a state of happiness, which is called paradise” Alma 40:12

Each ward is an island (Hawaii, treasure island, gilligan’s island, coney island, fantasy island,)

Workshop Ideas: “No Man is An Island” (unity, sisters in Christ), “Tropical Storms” (Overcoming the temptations of Satan), “Never a Deserted Island” (Prayer, Reliance on the Lord, Faith), and “Island Getaway” (Avoiding the ways of the world.)

Crafts: Anything to do with islands; making leis, crafts with seashells, etc.

Activity: “Three Hour Tour” – skills/first aid rally. You have just come upon a desert island, only to find stranded “castaways”, injured and hungry, etc. A Round-Robin of “victims”. Split girls into groups and test them on their skills. Award points for accurateness.

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