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Angels Among Us YW Camp Theme

Based on “You will become great women if you are united in the angelic cause of doing good and if you hunger and thirst after righteousness.” – President James E Faust Each unit selects a heavenly name (Cloud 9, Heavenly Hut, Angels in the Outfield, Divine Divas, Blissful Beauties, etc.) The mess hall is Hallowed Halls. Meal ideas: Angel Hair Pasta, Angel Food Cake, Heavenly Hash (coleslaw), Cherubic Chocolate Cake, etc. “Angels in Training” workshop ideas: “Lifting Dark Clouds” (Repentence, overcoming trials), “Errand of Angels” (Service, Good Works), “Reach for the Stars” (The Temple as your goal), and “Heaven Sent” (Recognizing the Tender Mercies of the Lord). “Angel Network” (In place of Secret Sister): Have a Camp Angel Tree. Each camper selects another camper’s name from a slip of paper hung from a tree. Perform little acts of service for that sister each day while at camp, (leave little notes, etc.) They can reveal themselves on the last day, if desired. Angelic Arts & Crafts: any craft item to do with angels. Could also make temple envelopes. Also, teach song ‘Angels Among Us’ by Alabama.

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