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Water Olympics

We did this during the summer when time is not as much of an issue and when the weather is HOT. We set-up all of the stations a few hours a head of time. The first station we did was “Shot Put” (balloon basket toss) it consists of two baskets, a string (where to throw from line) and a leader to supervise. The second station was “Olympic Baseball” (balloon baseball), it consists of two bats and 2 pitchers (leaders). The third was “Butt Buster” (you have to sit on a water balloon in a baby pool, by-the-way, one of our girls named this one.), it consists of a baby pool full of water and of course balloons and a leader to supervise. The fourth was “5 yard Dash” (spoon carry with balloons), it consists of 2 large cooking spoons, a start and ending line with string and a leader to supervise. The last was “Tandem Pitch” (balloon toss), it consists of two strings and two team to throw and a leader to supervise. We had two teams of boys and girls, (we had a great turn out, 8 on each). We gave each team an old pillow case and markers, they had to come up with team names we also gave each team member a wrist band of either blue or yellow depending on team, of course. After that, here comes in the willing Bishop part, our Bishop dressed up in a white sheet, had a crown of it looked like grape leaves, and a home-made torch, he welcome everyone to the 2006 Water Olympics. The kids loved it! After that each team lined up in single file lines and the fun began. At “Shot Put” each team member had to make 2 balloons into the basket, they then run to the next station. Next Stop, “Olympic Baseball” they must hit two balloons. Next Stop, “Butt Buster” they had to break two balloons in the baby pool without thier hands. Next Stop, “5 yard Dash”, the had to carry a balloon on a spoon up and down a small hill and hand the spoon off to the next team member. Next and Final Stop, “Tandem Pitch”, the team member had to wait for a partner and the had make 20 tosses, before running back to thier flags. After everyone finished we had water and popsicles. After they time to relax we went and played Water Balloon Volleyball, you need 2 posts or trees and string and towels. You have one towel per two teamates and they use the towel to throw the water balloon back and forth. If the water balloon breaks on your side for any reason the other team gets a turn or a point depending on where you are in the game. It follows the same rules as regular volleyball. The last game we played was “Capure the Flag” you were out of the game for 20 seconds if you were hit by a balloon and it broke. The same rules apply as regular capure the flag. After all the fun, we went back to the church and has “Closing Ceremonies” and Root Beer Floats. It was a huge hit with the adults and kids.

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