Mormon 9/Ether 1 – Scripture Scholar Moment!

[example of student work – to see up close, click on picture]

I was excited to share this scripture block today. I didn’t spend much time in front of class doing it though, because I really wanted the kids to delve into the scriptures for these particular principles taught in these verses.

[Actually I try never to be in front of the class more than about 15 minutes per class period. My CES supervisor has really stressed that the students should have some time with the scriptures (studying them with some directed purpose), some time sharing what they learned with the other students, and some time to write/record in some way their thoughts and testimonies regarding what they’ve learned. That’s why I’m always trying to create some kind of hands-on activity to guide the students toward these kinds of moments. I will be the first to admit that I may not be perfect in achieving this, but I continue to try! :0) ]

At the start of class today, I shared a brief review of the few final verses in Mormon 9 and then of Ether 1. Then I passed out a Scripture Scholar Moment. To be able to download the PDF file I created for the Scholar Moment, simply go to our yahoo group, “Seminary Class Notes”, by clicking here. If not a member, it’s free to join. After that you can click on the left link called “Files” and find all the free PDFs under the sub-category called “PDFs”.

When there is something I really want to make sure the students get, I prefer to share it in the form of an exercise like this, because then I know each student is walking through each of these questions. By so doing, I know then that they are actually processing the principles, truths, or concepts, because I can review what they’ve written – and in so doing, they are becoming true Scripture Scholars!

And to ensure full participation, I remind the class periodically that there are actually grades for seminary – pass or fail. And to obtain a passing grade, all they need to do is complete the work in class! Couldn’t be simpler! :0)

Until tomorrow!

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