April 16, 2006: Happy Easter!

I don’t normally blog on Sundays. But I absolutely had to post to say Happy Easter. My Greek father-in-law would say every Easter morning, “Christos staneste” (not sure on the spelling. Sorry, Steve!). That is Greek for “Christ is risen.”

Again, I just had to post to celebrate that Christ is indeed risen. I am so grateful for this. Our second son died of SIDS twelve years ago this past week. Interestingly enough, our son’s funeral was held two days before Easter Sunday. If there were a day or a week to die, I guess the best week of the year would be the week we celebrate Christ’s rising from the tomb.

So just know that for me, and I’m sure for you, this Sabbath day is one of great joy – as we look to the future coming of our Lord. I am working in every way I know possible to serve the Lord every day of my life until that moment.

Again, “Christ is risen!”

What a blessing to know this. Happy Easter.


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