Scripture Mastory Memory Game

Today we played a memory game.

A sweet seminary student made the cards. There are 54 cards. On the front are numbers. On the back are 25 scripture mastery verses and 25 scripture mastery key words. There are also four extra cards with the words Candy 1 (two each of this one) and Candy 2 (two of this one).

I taped the cards to the white board prior to class. After devotional, we reviewed quickly the scripture references with their key words. Then we began the game. We played simply as a class, rather than competitive teams. Again, I have found this a more successful way to focus on the end result – which is reviewing the scriptures, rather than focusing on which team is winning.

One by one, each student took a turn selecting two cards. I flipped those over and the kids checked to see if they had matched an appropriate scripture reference with the correct key words. If so, we removed those from the board. If not, we returned them to the board and the next student took their turn.

If the class selected the matching Candy (1) with the other Candy (1), I tossed out a small chocolate to each of them.

The kids seemed to really like this game. I’m going to be making a PDF file and upload it to the file section of our Seminary Class Notes yahoo group so that you can easily download it, if you like. Just click here. If you’re not a member yet, it’s free. Just click on “Join This Group” in the upper right corner. Then you’ll be able to go to the file section for the PDF file. At that point, download it, simply cut out the key words, scripture references, and numbers for the front of the cards and glue them to index cards!

It’s a blessing to teach seminary and anything I can do to help the service of another seminary teacher is that much better. Have a beautiful day.

Until next week,

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