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Young Womens Camp 2006

Young Womens Camp,theme: “Our Royal Family of Heroes”
To help the girls understand they are princess, and they came from a royal family.
That they are important to Heavenly Father and to help them to have better role modles to follow, to Return Home with Honor.To also stay strong in their faith and values.
The Tents are called Castles(Different Temple pictures are placed on the tents with the castle name.( Camp-Camp-Alott)
Sheild of armor was made for the leader castle tent, pictues of Sister CaMary Wynne (she is from White Water Colo.) program for the Young Women Values. “Seven Women Of Value” Eve: Choice & Accountability, Easter:Integrity, Mary:Divine Nature, Joan of Arc:Individual Worth, Sacajawea:Knowledge Florence Nightingale:Good Works,Eliza R. Snow:Faith there is history and value meaning of each and pictures panited of these women.
Each tent group will make their own sheild & flag.
Each girl will choices a scripture heroe and tell about her or him sometime at camp.
Along with some certification, a hike, there will be a Princess day filled with activites to help the girls in grooming, dressing modestly, makeup,hair.
Other fun activites.
There will be severed a “Medeviale dinner”(Bishop’s night)
Night programs: about dating Royal Knight’s, Temple Marriage,The Savor love, and the Seven Women of Value being introduced to girls with the Young Women leader’s acting the parts of each women.
If any one is interested in the Seven Women you can e-mail me at

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