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You Can Do It, He Can Help

For Youth Conference, our youth came up with the theme, “You Can Do It, He Can Help,” deriving from the Home Depot motto. Many activities can be planned around this theme. One activity that was effective was each youth were individually given the same directions(go North 20 steps, then South 15 steps, etc.) to follow without a compass and without them knowing that the campground was the final destination. After each youth went and had the chance to see where everyone ended up, which was quite a ways away from each other, they were taken back to the beginning spot and given a compass and followed the same directions and all made it to the campsite. A follow-up discussion was had around the campfire and it was interesting to hear the reaction from each youth and how hard it was to follow the directions without any guidance or how they followed someone who didn’t know where they were going either. Great activity!

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