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Quilt Tying for Humanitarian Service

As the Humanitarian Specialist newly called in a new ward with all new leadership, I am determined to have the sisters learn to love the principle of Humanitarian Service. That is what Relief Society is all about. So I have issued a challenge to do 50 quilts this year for Humanitarian Service to be sent to Utah, not for local needs. This has been well received, we have a quilting (tying party) once in month, and the first meeting because of lack of frames we only did two quilts. However, a search is on for more frames and the sisters have indicated a wish to do more, and to learn also how to bind them, as well as putting them on the frames,and tying. One Sister is going to do quilts for next month (2) that are prebound, I will do one or two with a picot edge to make the binding different, as well as turning and binding. We expect to do at a minimum 4 quilts in February, and more if we can find frames. We had a wonderful time, found that getting 19 women around two baby quilts was a challenge, but the work was completed in no time at all. We then served Homemade Cookies and hot Chocolate, and watched the Humanitarian Service Film. Kleenex’s were passed out to take care of the tears, and a determination to do more next time was evident.

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