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BUGS Camp Theme

BUGS – can stand for
Building Up Gospel Standards
Building Up Girls Self-esteem.
Be Unique GirlS

This was a fun one and we centered it all around ladybugs. We made plaster of paris ladybugs and friendship bracelets our of embroidery thread. We did not allow any harmful pranks and it turned out good.

When I was the Stake camp director we had a theme of “B.U.G.S” which was an acronym for “Building Up Gospel Standards”. It was so much fun to plan and carry out…as we all know how many “bugs” there can be at girls camp. We assigned each ward a bug i.e.: ladybugs, dragon flies, butterflies, grasshoppers, fireflies etc. The YC’s were our ants because they were supposed to be the hard workers and the Stake leaders were the Bee’s…the camp director and her counselors being the “Queen Bee’s”.

We had a theme for each day to go along with the bugs and we focused all week on the standards of our young women.

Millennial Bugs We found some great bug paper with bugs in sleeping bags under the stars and pine trees to do our schedule on and there are bug stickers verywhere to add to the white pages.

We assigned each ward a bug along with a value. Some values we used twice. Faith-fireflies; Divine Nature – dragonflies and beetles; Individual worth – ants and ladybugs; knowledge – praying mantis; good works-bees; choice and accountability.-spiders (Stake and our camp is the spider web and I being 6′ tall am daddy long legs) and Mormon crickets; integrity – butterflies.

Some of the fun bug sayings and puns we used in our scheduling:

Food: Grub worms, potato bugs, and tomato worms, tapeworms

Prayer time: praying mantis

Bedtime: Bed bugs, night crawlers

Being on time: Don’t be a draggin-fly

Flea from sin

Hike: walking sticks, centipedes

Nurse: flu bug

Swimming: water skeeters

Bathrooms: stink bug and dung beetles

Woodpiles at camp inspection : termites

craft classes: doodlebugs

Lots of puns, like how time flies, spiritual mosquito, persistent, reverent, obedient, etc. (Ants are easy) We’re going to have everyone meet at stake camp for a picnic complete with checkered tablecloths and ants. Our fireside will be something with B.U.G. for the initials. We’re not sure yet.

Our skits night is “It’s a bug’s life” and each ward will use their bug and

We’re making candles with bugs (value colors), bug key chains, teaching the
jitterbug, pom-pom bugs, etc. There are lots of ideas that go with this bug
theme and we’ve had a wonderful time putting together.

This is just a basic idea, but hope it helps. If any of you need more info,
you can mail me privately.

I was in charge of crafts for our stake last year and will be again this year. Last year the girls made the gimp necklaces. You might be able to find a bead for the center with a bug or letters to spell bugs. The girls loved making these. They even requested that we do them again. We also did sun catchers last year. I bought the paint that looks like stained glass when it dries, (a little paint went a long way, I bought 8 bottles and had a lot left over and took some back) and I had a auto glass shop cut 3X5 pieces of glass. (I’m an insurance agent and had some sources). We had the theme “The Lord is my Light” last year so we had a pattern of the YW torch for them to trace with the paints. This was a little more time consuming but you
can do any them with it. Have bug patterns. We also did the plastic lace and pony bead animals which the girls like to do every year.

Along the same lines you could have the YW torch necklace charm to hang on these necklaces. A reminder at all times and also a cool necklace that they wouldn’t mind wearing to school.

Get plastic spoons. Spray with PAM. Buy plaster of paris and pour into spoon. Take thin wire (rope, string, whatever) and put into the plaster (this becomes the antennas) . Let dry then pop them out. They can then be painted to look like lady bugs or whatever. A magnet can be put on the back. Cute and REAL CHEAP!!!

Take small jar (I’m going to use baby food jars – I’ve got dozens!) spray paint lid black, neon green, orange (any Halloween color) fill with chocolate kisses and plastic bugs/spiders. Attach the following message:


Fireflies, lightening bugs (Faith or DN – they have the “light”). Of course in Alaska, how could I forget our “state bird”, mosquitoes! (Alaska)

– For a little treat or handout: “BUGS AND KISSES” – From your Camp Leader

Use Hershey’s Kisses and plastic bugs. Could put them in small baggies or netting and tie them up.

-. Use the Ant and the Contact lens story that was recently posted for a devotional or story time. Look at your library for kids books about bugs and see if you can parallel them to a gospel principle.

“Serv-Ants” is a copyrighted story in a book called Bright Impressions Sharing Times Vol. #3 (Primary Book) by Sabina Bigelow & Sabina Bytheway.

– There was a camp “Ant-icipate Your Future”

-The ant theme was decorated picnic style; red & white gingham table cloths, baskets, etc. The hand out was on red & white checkered paper, ants included. The handout had little black ants and red ants on them. Black ants were the good qualities and red were the negative qualities they wanted the girls to identify and eliminate. They had picnic food and played some team building games.

– Oriental Trading Company – They might be a good source for bugs (i.e.. bug rings, plastic bugs).

– Make bandanas from red & white gingham checkered picnic table cloths. I’ve even seen the material printed w/ants.

Don’t Get Bugged — Read your Scriptures!

BE YOUR OWN KIND OF BEE-U-TIFUL: – Our camp theme this year is “Be Your
Own Kind of Bee-U-tiful! Our six wards are each one of President Hinckley’s

The Spanish Ward is Abejitas Agradecidas (Grateful little bees)
Bees With Degrees (Smart)
Bees Against Sleaze (Clean)
Honestee Bees (True)
Humble Bumbles (Humble)
Bees On Their Knees (Prayerful)

For each flag ceremony we are using one of the B’s, having a little
devotional where all the items are based on a B, (i.e. a hymn about being
clean, etc.)

Our activities, when not certifying, will be based on them as well.

Compiled from posts made at the lds-youngwomenfiles Yahoo Group

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