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Budget/Cooking Activity


The girls were divided into teams, I had 2 teams of three girls each. I explained to them that they were freshman at BYU and each team were roommates. I explained a bit about how family home evening groups are set up at college and that they were just told that their new FHE brothers had invited themselves over for dinner. They checked their pockets and each team was able to scrounge up $7.00. They had to go to the tiny, grocery store around the corner to get their supplies because the boys would be there in 45 minutes. I also advised that they would have opportunities to earn additional money as the game progressed.

The girls met with their roommates in the grocery store and had to try to develop a menu and buy their groceries. Then off to the kitchen. The items in the refrigerator (although limited) were available for them to use for free. As were the spices since they were smart enough to take those from home prior to leaving for school.

As the activity progressed, each team would be asked questions and if they answered correctly, they would have the opportunity to earn extra money and go back to the grocery store for additional supplies. My questions focused on sanitation etc.

1.tTrue or False: Chicken is thoroughly cooked when it is pink in the center?
2.tTrue or False: Is it ok to put a cooked hamburger on the same plate that raw hamburger meat was?
If the girls got the answer correct, they got to pick an envelope that would reveal their prize. Example: You found 75 cents under the couch cushions. You found a dime in the parking lot. You found a dollar bill in your winter coat. You found 20 cents in the bottom of your backpack. Etc.

The girls had 45 minutes to make the meal and both teams would partake of it when done.

The girls did a great job. One team made burritos and the other made a tortilla soup. Both were great and we sure had a feast. Beehives enjoyed the end results with us. One team earned and spent $9.10 and the other $8.65.


I made the prices the same as what the items cost at the grocery store, so the girls really needed to determine what were the most important ingredients to make the meal and hope that they could earn money later for the finishing touches. I was no help and there were no recipes. They had to taste spices to see which one worked with their meal. The girls had to work as a team. Work together and both meals came out great.

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