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Scripture Basketball

Divide the youth into 2 teams, each facing the other in chairs on the keylines of the gym floor (we had enough for 4 teams and used both ends of the gym)

Tthe teams are given a clue to a scripture and told to begin (seminary students rock at this game, try to divide them up evenly between teams)

As soon as a referee (I used members of the bishopric) verifies that each youth on a team has their scriptures turned to the correct page, the person at the end of the row closest to the basket may start shooting.

The team whose player makes the first basket receives 2 points. The first team to have everyone on their team open to that same page for the correct answer gets 1 point (use adult youth leaders for score keepers on each team, also station an adult behind the basketball basket to retrieve balls-you will need 4 balls total)

When a basket is made, all the players move down one chair and the shooter takes the farthest chair from the basket, after 10 or so questions have the teams switch with each other or have a play off if there are more than 2 teams. Team members may help each other find the correct scriptures, be sure to use the topical guide, bible dictionary and indexes.

Question examples: Where in the bible is Daniel cast into the den of lions for as a punishment for praying? (Daniel 6:??)
Where are the sacrament prayers found in the Book of Mormon? (see Moroni….)

I put hints with most of the questions so they wouldn’t spend all night looking for a scripture.

Our youth really had fun with this game.

From a post at the lds-youngwomen Yahoo Group

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