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Envelope Game

What you do is get as many envelopes as you have people there. Have everyone write something people wouldn’t know about you on their envelopes.

Give each person a color square to pin on them, all have to be a different color. Then give each person a square of each color that’s been used. Give everyone an envelope turned upside down so they can’t read the question.

Then tell the instructions: When I say go, turn over your envelope and read the question. Look around at everyone’s color, and think who best fits the answer. Then you put that color square in the envelope. You can not look inside the envelope. When every one is done, I will say pass to the left, and we go to the next one. When the one you started with comes back, we will go around and see who got the most votes for which thing.

This is so much fun, everyone laughs and giggles trying to figure out who they should “vote” for.

(For very small groups, you could have each person write a fact about themselves on two envelopes. Then pass two envelopes at a time around the circle.)

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