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Windows – New Beginnings

History of Windows

[Windows] was first done by the Centerville 4th ward and send out [to other units by the Church] as a “Idea from the Field”. The main focus is to help YW understand the values and how living them will open up the windows of a secure life. It has a couple of songs and narration… I don’t think it is copyrighted as it came out in a packet of stuff given to our ward.

Northglenn, Colorado

(Since this was part of the ‘Ideas from the field’ series, I expect this skit dates back to the 1980s. –Jenny)


To help young women understand the Young Women Values and how living them will open the windows of a secure life.

Each window is to represent one of the Young Women Values.

Summary of Program: “Windows was the theme of the program which represented the Seven Values, The program began with the young women singing “The Rising Generation.” it was followed by a slide show
introducing all the young women in the ward. The accompanist played the song softly and slowly throughout the slide presentation as background
music. Following the slide presentation, the spotlight shone on the Reader’s Theater. The readers then described the value of Faith and how it relates to a window. The spotlight then moved to the value display arranged by the young women. At this time the value song of faith, *In Perfect Faith,” was sung by two young women. After the song, the accompanist continued to -play softly during the slide presentation of the young women who chose faith as their value. Simultaneously with the slide presentation, the value definition and the scriptural reference were given via tape recorder dubbed into the p.a. system. The program was followed by the same format for all the Seven Values (readers, display,
song, slides with value definition). We ended the program with a slide of our priesthood leader bearing testimony of the gospel. Background music of “I Walk by Faith” was played softly during his testimony. A
choir of all the young women sang this same song for the closing number.

Decorations: Each value display had a window above made out of poster board. The color of the window corresponded with the color of the value. Each window was attractively decorated with a colorful planter box and bright flowers.

Young Women In Excellence Presents “Windows”


(Spotlight on the group of speakers, or the reader’s theater)
Reader #l. Is the gospel true?
2. Is it really true
3. How can I know?
4. I’m so confused. My parents say they know it is.
3. My Young Women advisor says she knows it is.
4. But, my biology teacher says it’s impossible.
2. I’m so afraid. I wish I knew about the future.
1. Where am I going?
5. It’s so exciting to have the truth,
6. I know it’s true.
7. The spirit is burning within me.
5. I don’t need to rely on anyone else’s testimony I have one
of my own,
7. I feel so safe, so secure.
6. It’s as though…………..
7. A window was separating me –
6. from the outside world.
7. I can see out —
6. — but they can’t see in.
5. I am safe.
3. Bow can we feel secure like you?
4. Bow can we know?
7. All you need is faith.
6. One with faith has no need to fear.
5. She knows Heavenly Father loves her (background music In
Perfect Faith comes in) and will guide her back to him.
6. Try adding this window to your life.
7. Let it separate you from the outside world.
5. Study.
6. Fast.
7. Pray
(Spotlight on Faith Display)
5. And faith will burn within you.
(Father and daughter standing by Faith Display sing: In Perfect Faith?)


Reader 7. Why is it when I hear a baby cry I want to comfort it?
2. Why is it I enjoy doing kind deeds for neighbors in need?
3. It hurts me to see anyone alone – I want to share my love with
4 Something within me makes me want to Share the gospel so
others will have the truth.
7. What are these good feelings we have?
5. There is a window which lies deep within you.
6. This window reflects an image that is divine.
1. Yes, it is you:
6. Your nature is divine.
(Spotlight on Divine Nature Display)
5. For you are a daughter of Heavenly Father.
Song: “My Nature Is Divine”
Slides on Divine Nature


Reader #7. I’m good for nothing.
6. I can’t do anything right.
3. Nobody likes me. I’m so lonely.
4. I wish I had nice clothes.
1. Or beautiful hair.
4. Then, maybe others would notice me.
3. I wish I had some kind of talent.
6. They say everyone has talents.
3. But I know they skipped me by when they were handing them
7. I wish I was like Susan.
4. She is beautiful.
3. If only I could be popular like Cindy.
6. I’m just a nobody.
5. Sometimes I get lonely too, I begin to wonder if I am of
value to anyone.
2. There is a window I can see thru that clearly shows I am of
(Background Music: “I Am of Infinite Worth”)
1. Thru this window I can see the Savior.
5. And how he suffered for me.
2. He even hung on the cross —
1. – – and died for me,
Spotlight on Individual Worth Displays
2. I must be of worth.
1. He loves me.
5. He loves you too!
1. I want to be all he wants me to be.
Song – I am of Infinite Worth


1. I’m so bored
4. There’s nothing to do.
5. I guess I’ll just watch another TV show.
2. Wait!
3. There is no time to be bored.
6. In your life there are many windows —
7. — just waiting to be opened.
6. There is so much to discover —
3. –and to explore.
7. There is so much to learn–
2. –about people —
3. –places–
6. — things.
7. — the gospel
2. This is your time.
3. Your season to gain knowledge.
Spotlight Knowledge Display
6. To make life interesting
7. To succeed.
Song: A Wonderful Time to Learn


Reader #5. There are so many temptations in this world.
7. They are so enticing —
2. and appear to be exciting —
5. — and fun.
6. I get confused.
2. What about the R rated movie my friends want me to see?
5. Could trying drugs just once really hurt me?
6. Do I have to go to church?
5. Has far is “too far”,
2. Decisions
7. — decisions
6. — there are so many to make.
3. Please
4. — open your window.
1. Let the “still small voice” come thru,
4, Listen —
3. — then you will experience real joy.
1. Many temptations bring you pleasure
4. — but it doesn’t last.
3. By listening to the Holy Ghost – you will find happiness.
1. Remember
4. — you will be accountable for the choices you make.
Spotlight on Choice & Accountability
Song: “Choose You This Day’


Reader #1. I am so depressed.
2. There are so many pressures.
5. School —
6. — home —
5. –friends
2. — boys
1. Church.
2. I have to face everyone nagging me to get busy.
5. I am not happy
6. I’m not fun to be with.
1. I hate to get up in the morning.
4. Come on now —
7. Come out of your rut.
3. Stop dwelling on your problems.
4. You will have many friends
Background music starts softly “Let Your Light So
7. If you let your light shine thru your window.
3. Your light can cheer someone else who is down.
7. You may lighten someone’s load.
Spotlight on Good Works
3. Perform Good Works
7. And joy will glow within you.


Reader #7. I feel so guilty.
3. I can’t tell the truth.
5. I’ll just tell a little lie.
6. No one will know she gave me too much change.
3. I can get away with this
6. But, I feel terrible inside.
7. I don’t respect myself.
Background music: Integrity
1. There is a window you can add to your life.
4. This window is one you can see thru.
2. This window is yourself,
4. Do you see within you “peace of mind”?
1. A person with “Integrity” has “peace of mind.
2. She lives what she knows .
Spotlight on Integrity Display


Reader #7. There are many windows in out lives.
6. These windows can separate you from the world by
5. providing security,
4. reflecting your divine Image,
3. Clearly showing our Savior’s love for us,
2. Broadening our horizons,
1. Letting the Holy Ghost in,
7. Letting our light shine out,
6. And seeing within ourselves “peace of mind.”
5. These windows are our values.
All lights on
4. Faith.
3. Divine Nature.
2. Individual Worth.
1. Knowledge.
7. Choice & Accountability.

6. Good Works.
5. And Integrity,
4. Strive to understand and gain these values.
3. As a home is brightened with windows,
2. so shall your soul be brightened with these values.

Song: “I Walk By Faith”
Testimony: Priesthood Leader

Closing prayer

Submitted by: Centerville 4th Ward
Jolene Keate
Julie Johnston

Here are some suggested songs for use during the program:

Faith – A Child’s Prayer – Children’s Song Book
Divine Nature – I am a Child of God – Children’s Song
Individual Worth – I Am of Infinite Worth – Young Women’s Song (I Walk by Faith soundtrack)
Knowledge – I Know That My Redeemer Lives – Hymn
Choice & Accountability – Come Follow Me – Hymn
Good Works – Put Your Shoulder To The Will – Hymn
Integrity – A Scripture Reading – (This is not a song)
Closing – I Walk by Faith – Young Women Song (I Walk by Faith soundtrack)


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