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Enrichment Night Service Auction

Sisters fill out coupons when they come to Enrichment Night, each coupon being a service they are willing to give and she signs her name.

As they sit down to eat their dinner they fill out a questionnaire, answering questions for points, such as if her visiting teaching is done, if she read her scriptures today, how many buttons on her clothing she is wearing, etc. They total the points and the leader goes around and gives them the number of tootsie roll candies to equal her points. The sisters are told they must not eat the candy.

During dessert the “auctioneer” asks for bids on whatever is on the coupon. The sisters bid with their tootsie rolls.

The assistant collects the candy as the items are auctioned off and delivers the cupons. The time limit to use the coupon is 3 months.

It was a lot of fun and helps the sisters to interact with each other even after the night is over, plus it helped us know more of each others’ talents.

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