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Overnight Camping Trips

Overnight Camp, Spring Camp, Fall Camp, Winter Camp, Fathers and Sons Camp, Girls Camp, or Buddy Camp

Priesthood Purposes
Build quorum brotherhood by-
1. Involving all quorum members in the camp.
2. Having a campfire program during the evening.

Activate young men of quorum age by-
1. Involving all quorum members in the camp.
2. Giving specific assignments and special atten­tion to inactive young men.

Strengthen families by-
1. Inviting fathers to attend with their sons.
2. Planning activities, chores, and a campfire pro­gram that fathers and sons can participate in together.

Young Women Areas of Focus
Recreation and the world of nature-
by learning more about nature.

Personal and social refinement-
by developing proper relationships with others.

People who can help
Advisers Parents
Camping specialists
Older youth

Things needed
Individual camping equipment:
Sleeping bag
Extra clothes and shoes
Jacket or sweater
Poncho or raincoat
Eating utensils
Soap, toothbrush, comb, towel, etc.
Flashlight (fresh batteries, extra bulb)
Fishing license and equipment (if needed)
Toilet paper
Compass, map
Sunburn lotion (if needed)
Insect repellent (if needed)
Cloths and towels

Group camping equipment:
Cooking utensils
Water bucket
Tents (and pegs)
First-aid kit, including required medications and allergy shots (added by Jenny)
Paper towels
Water (if needed)
Fire permit (if needed)
Camping handbook
Large pan for washing dishes
Large pan for rinsing dishes
Soap for dishwashing
Ax or saw
Extra rope
Toilet paper
Firewood or fuel (if needed)
Garbage bags
Campsite permit (if needed)
Scriptures (added by Jenny)

How to do it
1. Set the date and place for the camp.
2. Arrange for the site and transportation to and from the campsite.
3. Plan the menus.
4. Plan the overall camp program. Activities from page 161 and 162 of this activity book can be used as part of the program.
5. Continually seek for opportunities to strengthen the testimonies of quorum or class members during this activity by doing such things as the following:
a. Have prayer together at the beginning and at the end of the activity.
b. See that there are morning and evening prayers and blessings before meals.
c. Plan opportunities to have spiritual thoughts pre­sented during the activity.
d. Consider studying the scriptures together for 15 minutes at the beginning or close of the day.
e. Plan a special testimony meeting near the end of the activity. (This can often best be done around the campfire.)
f. Try to reach out to individual young people who may need your help, spend some time with them, strengthen them, and help them to feel your love and interest.

Note: Joint Young Men and Young Women overnight camping activities should not be sponsored. When it is desirable to have a mixed camping experience that does not require staying overnight, the bishop or stake president must approve it, and proper chaperones must be provided (1 per 10 youth). Youth conferences are approved when proper segregated housing and ade­quate chaperonage are provided.

From “The Activity Book”, Camping, pp 157-171. available from Church Distribution for $6.00.

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