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How to Plan a Patriotic Campfire Program

Patriotic Campfire Program

Priesthood Purposes
Build proper relationships with young women by
holding this activity with one or more Young Women classes.

Strengthen families by-
1. Inviting family members to participate in this activity.
2. Inviting parents to share experiences that have increased their respect and love for their country.

Prepare for and give missionary service by inviting nonmembers to take part in this activity.

Young Women Areas of Focus
Recreation and the world of nature-
by enjoying an outdoor recreational activity.

Personal and social refinement-
by developing proper relationships with others.

Cultural arts and education-
by increasing patriot­ism.

Service and compassion-
by involving nonmem­bers or inactive members in this activity.

People who can help
Any person with a good knowledge of history

Things needed
A flag
Costumes and props for the skits
Wood and matches

How to do it
If properly done, this program can help the youth better understand the history of their country and want to be good citizens.

1. Prepare two campfires about 8 feet (2.4m) apart before the program. Do not light the fires yet.

2. Open with a patriotic song or hymn and a prayer.

3. Have a fire lighting ceremony.

4. Have the youth sit around the campfires and sing patriotic songs or listen to patriotic music pre­recorded on a portable tape recorder.

5. Have someone bring the country’s flag in an orderly manner and place it between or behind the two campfires.(Be sure the flag is placed where it will be protected from the flames.)

6. Sing additional patriotic songs.

7. Have previously assigned members present in­spiring stories from the nation’s history.

8. Have someone read from the scriptures the Lord’s counsel about laws and governments.

9. End with patriotic songs and a prayer. (Adapt this program to fit your particular country. For example, in the United States the Pledge of Allegiance might be appropriate.)

From “The Activity Book”, Camping, pp 157-171. available from Church Distribution for $6.00.

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