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Celebration of Womanhood

The first counselor in our YW Presidency was expecting her first baby, so for an activity the Laurels decided to give her a suprise baby shower. However we didn’t want to play silly games so we decided to use this shower to celebrate womanhood. We selected a young woman, a YW leader who didn’t have children yet, a YW leader who was a new mother, and a YW leader who who was older to each take some time to talk or share with us what they love to do in their stage of womanhood. One leader taught us how to make a simple craft, another expressed the joy her children brought her, and the YW, a mia maid bore testimony to the younger girls of the importance of preparing now to become mothers. Conference talks that taught of the sanctity of womanhood were also used to teach the girls that it is okay to be a woman, and that it is okay to want to be a mom.
For the gift, we (the Laurel class) compiled a list of women found in the scriptures (i.e. stripling warrior mothers, Ruth, Esther, Naomi) and asked the YW and leaders to select a mother from the list and write on a piece of cute baby themed scrapbook paper, those attributes the woman possessed that made her successful not only as a woman, but as a mother. The girls were then encouraged to write down any advice they had for Erma, our mother to be. We bound everyone’s papers along with a copy of the talk “A Mother’s Heart” and gave it to her.

We were pretty lucky when it came to refreshments. Our advisor’s husband had catered a wedding the night before and had lots of yummy food left over.
We held the activity in a leader’s home to help create an appropriate atmosphere.
For decorations, our advisor created a centerpiece that depicted events in a LDS woman’s life. It was awesome. It started out with a blessing dress, and included items dealing with baptism, activity days, personal progress, and temple marriage.

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