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Meet Your Teacher–Primary New Years Party

Invite each of the primary children to a breakfast or lunch to meet their new teacher. Have their new teachers deliver colorful party invitations to their children individually. Design a poster using bright paper, clip art, glitter, etc. announcing the activity. On the morning of the breakfast/lunch, set up round tables, one for each class and two long tables to serve food from. For each table, create a bright tent card made from cardstock and write the class name and name of the teacher on one side and the childrens’ names on the other side. Punch a hole in the top of the tent card and attach two or three brightly colored balloons. Use this as the centerpiece. Place a party blower and a party hat at each of the childrens seats on the table as place markers. Decorate around with balloons. Serve pancakes, crepes, etc. The kids love it and get excited when they see the decorations. P.S., sometimes the blowers can sound too loud if there are too many kids–you may want to pass these out at the end.

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