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Primary Music Time: Using Pictures

1. Pick the song

2. Photocopy the song chosen.

3. Get Xerox copy of Gospel Art Picture List

4. Break up the song into fragments.

5. Once the song is broken in fragments think of stories in the scriptures that comprise that fragment.

6. Check the Gospel Art Picture List and find the picture that closely matches the story you thought of.

(At this point I have the song typed out and I have the Gospel Art Picture kit on line I then cut and paste the small picture to the Word Document I have open as not to forget the picture. Be sure to type out the name of the picture and the picture number) I print this and keep it as an index with the rest as explained later). If you are not going to do the “explain later” having the copy of the index with picture helps to get the pictures in the order when you get the from the Gospel Art Kit and also to know the order you want them in.

7. I color copied the picture with the back of the picture (story) to card stock and laminated it. I realize it cost more (I went to the copy center on the day when the color pictures were on sale) to me it was worth it not to have to rummage through the Gospel Art Picture Kit in hopes that the picture I want is there. It also is nice in a pinch for a quick Sharing Time.

8. Type out the words to the song in a large font. (I also laminated this) BEFORE laminating write on the back which song this belongs to and the order the fragment belongs. Do this also for the picture.

9. I also glued the song to the cover of the Manilla envelope and laminated this as well.

10. I use a long letter envelope to hold the words to the song.

11. Tacky gum works great to hold the words to the picture without harming the picture. It is trial and error with the picture to stay on the wall. I ended up using masking tape for that.


Easter Hosanna

a) The prophecies of long ago were now at last fulfilled, (Isaiah Writes of Christ’s Birth –113)

b) When Jesus, risen from the dead, to man Himself revealed. (Mary and the Resurrected Lord –233)

c) As he came down from heav’n above, white robed and glorified, (Christ Appears to the Nephites — 315)

d) The people of the promised land received their Lord and cried: (Jesus Teaching in the Western Hemisphere — 316)

e) Hosanna! Blessed be the name of the Most High God! Hosanna! Bless be the name of the Most High God! (Triumphal Entry — 223)

f) When Jesus Christ appeared to Nephites in the promised land, (Jesus Healing the Nephites –317)

g) The righteous people was his wounds and came to understand (Jesus Shows His Wounds — 234)

h) That he, one dead, was risen up as Savior, Lord, and King (The Empty Tomb — 245)

i) As they rejoiced, now we rejoice and joyfully we sing: (Elijah Restores the Power to Seal Families for Eternity — 417)

e) repeat of “e)” (Triumphal Entry –223) (I only made one copy of this and used it twice)

12. For Sharing Time (Younger) hold up two or three of the pictures, tell the story and have the kids guess which picture fits the story

For Sharing Time (Older) Show the kids the picture and ask why that picture would match the song fragment they are going to learn.

After each fragment section sing the fragment section and before a – a,b – a,b,c – a,b,c,d – a,b,c,d,e

Here is an example of what your thumbnail index page with the song fragments.

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