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A soiree is a french words meaning social gathering in the evening, usually for the purpose of listening to music. It may however,include poetry reading,prose reading short story reading, joke telling, or sharing an appreciation of a favourite piece of artwork…the focus is cultural.

It should be remembered that all cultural input is acceptable as long as gospel standards are respected. (anything “virtuous, lovely, of good report, or praiseworthy” – Jenny)

All the youth can visit a home large enough to accommodate the size of the group. Some simple but effective decorations may be needed depending on the home visited (use the chapel if numbers are too large…If it is practical the young women can decorate the chapel with beautiful flowers or artworks…anything to create atmosphere.) The individual Young Women performances can highlight their respective talents, in the same way that sharing took place for young people in the 1800’s. Formal/good clothing should be worn and if , supper is served (it isn’t necessary but is pleasant to have, if time permits.) it can be limited to a tasty treat or warm drink.

If desired the young women may choose to showcase their cooking talents by bringing along previously prepared light refreshments…food that is “light” and “elegant”; which is in keeping with the culture of the 1800’s.

Source: Geocities YWLDS

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