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New Era Bowl

We all read the New Era in depth and came prepared to answer questions. We divided up into four teams (we have over 25 girls). You could do however many you needed. We sat as teams across the table from the other team with a buzzer in the middle of the table. (we used the buzzer from the game Taboo. It is really sensitive and works well) The MC read questions such as “from the article , what did the boy need to do before going to school.” The questions had to be really specific so that you had to read the article. … The scoring is up to you, but we did it such as 2 points for the New Era questions…. It was great and got the girls to read their magazines.

(I think that you could invite some class members to share testimonies or short talks based on articles from the New Era, to help keep the focus on the content of the New Era, not the competition – Jenny)

Source: Geocities YWLDS

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